Welcome to the perverse thoughts, truths and beliefs of an unapologetic single curvy girl who has lived through some shit worth remembering.

Dating has been fun, traumatic, insanely pleasurable and painful all the same. Wiggling out of my comfort zone has become... a hobby in itself. And fully embracing my entire self has been absolutely rewarding.

“The craziness of it all is what haunts me. The achievements, the failures, the great, the horrible… all of my experiences have contributed to my womanhood, motherhood and hopefully one day will dictate the kind of wife I’m meant to be. But as I live through it and continue to make decisions that mold my perspectives on love, friendships and self-worth… enjoy the pieces I choose to share, regardless of how revealing they may be”A l l y XOXO.

It’s insane to think of the collection. All these memorable escapades gathered like shoes and clothes. But all the stories are true, I swear.

Enjoy as I delve into my memory banks, dish out some questionable commentary and share real life advice…cause curves aren’t my problem just god given assets <3