Like a Virgin :D

First and foremost, thank you for celebrating the launch of my blog! FINALLY! It’s insanity. And Happy Valentines DaYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I felt the need to launch this on valentines day because moving forward I want valentines to represent something real and be rooted in something worth celebrating without chocolate, corny forced sentiments and forgettable flowers.

God bless my life, the men I’ve dated and the stories these experiences have given me. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed it all but I can honestly say I’ve done nothing but learn a bunch. I’ve learned a lot about life and the players in it…but mostly about myself.

It’s totally unnerving sharing all this! Really it is. I’m not going to apologize prematurely for being raw with my thoughts or my experiences. But I hope those that offend easy can read through the profanity, bold faced truth and my candid thoughts to understand that being plus sized and single is an amazing thing! It’s a beautiful experience I wouldn’t trade for anything… well I lie. I would trade some of my experiences for a summer house in Runaway Bay any day. I’ve been different things to different people and I appreciate that life is not meant to be perfect. Through all my memorable experiences I’ve grown to understand that owning your beauty is power at any size.

Essentially, curves aren’t my problem is dedicated to my fellow single curvy girls everywhere. The stories, the advice, candid topics I’ll take on time to time are a reflection of my experiences. I looked for niched website like mine, but didn’t find voices I related to. Dating to me doesn’t have to be an experiment… it can be an enjoyable, traumatic, or even a hilarious collection of milestones. I’m not perfect, so neither are my stories …but the shit is true. I hope you enjoy my vulnerable madness and the insanely honest opinions I have about sex, love, relationships and life!