Mr. Miserable

When you’re just getting into your twenties as a beautiful, bubbly and open young woman you tend to attract people that love to suck your energy… in other words the total opposite. And that’s exactly what happened with Mr. Miserable.


How we met doesn’t really matter but what matters is how long it took for us to officially start our dysfunctional relationship. He knew me 2 boyfriends before we even made an attempt and it officially started one crazy summer.


One weekend, I was working and it was fairly low paced so we were talking on the phone throughout. He wanted to see me, I wasn’t going to finish until late so I figured I would let him visit towards the end of my shift (since I worked alone and it wasn’t as busy that day). It had been a while since we’d seen one another; there was a bunch that was going on in both our personal lives. Weeks prior I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I was not at all on any prowl (this was prior to me being comfortable with that part of myself lol). He on the other hand had just come back from a few guy trips abroad. 


Our lifestyles were totally different, we were polar opposites. He was from the city street, I was from the burbs. I was happy bubbly and open, he was jaded, distrustful and miserable. His ancestry? Asian and European. My Own? Afro-Caribbean. We were literally from two different worlds and yet with all those differences we managed to mutually want something other than friendship with one another. 


At the time, he epitomized everything I thought I wanted. He was tall, good looking, with a sorted past, a seemingly moldable future, a little rough around the edges,  most definitely ghetto, but seemed willing to change and wanted more than just materialism. 


I hear the door swing open where I was working at the time and I stroll over to the front of the department totally forgetting I had invited him. As I turned the corner, I see these long pale legs semi covered with knee length shorts spread wide resting in the waiting area chairs. There was an obnoxiously placed magazine covering his face and as these long sparsely haired legs heard my footsteps… his ankle coincidentally met his knee. 


A subtle smirk met my face knowing exactly who was sitting in front of me. So I asked “And How may I help you sir?”. With the magazine still covering his face, he got to his feet, crossed the room to where I was and lowered the magazine but before any words came out… this wave of laughter came from the bottom of both our belly’s. I guess that’s what made time fly in all our dysfunction. All the laughter and random moments like that were happy distractions.


He waited with me at work until I was done that Saturday night, and many other Saturday and Sunday nights after. At the beginning it seemed like it would work, like the happily ever after would be similar to Jay-z and Beyonce’s “Bonnie and Clyde” union. We were like rabbits! Our sexual chemistry was crazy, we both enjoyed going out, having fun was mandatory, laughing was a constant and we broke a bunch of rules together. But the moment you get too comfortable and the moment you can’t fully trust someone in a relationship…? Shit gets tumultuous and drama ridden. We went on to date for years, more than half a decade and even celebrated a significant milestone towards the end. But it did in-fact end and not on amicable terms.  I’m not sure how many parts there will be to this story … but consider this your introduction to Mr. Miserable.


Xoxo Ally