Plus-size girls guide to the bedroom

As a curvy woman in the bedroom, there can be many challenges we create for ourselves and it’s totally unnecessary. Over thinking (in old or new relationships) as is a common practice most of us either painfully deny or embrace to a fault. The following guide will help you pillow talk your way into wet bed sheets with the right partner. It’s time to have the perfect bedroom attitude.

Know your worth!

Understand that you are amazing and believe that you are everything your mate wants! Whether all of the above is true or not...emit this belief. The intention will have a butterfly effect on all things sweaty and for the better!

Be fearless

When you’re in a trust worthy relationship with someone you feel safe with (whether casual or a serious commitment) don’t have any reservations in the bedroom. Embrace everything that’s within your moral purse.


Do what makes you feel great

Feel good by knowing it all leads to feeling good! Don’t be afraid to embrace the loudness of every orgasm. You can’t be a considerate neighbor all the time. Scream loud, sweat buckets and long live the sensual vibrations.

Use your gifts!

Girllllll, you are curvy and proud! Use your soft womanly body to your advantage! Your mate is with you because of ALL of you. So use what your momma gave you and in some cases your money maker. Shake it, twerk it, rub it, wiggle it, jiggle it to your hearts content! The bedroom is the one place you need to pull out all your womanly tricks so you arrived to that pleasurable destination.

Understand your mate

It’s not all about you! Well…at least sometimes. Make sure you enjoy pleasuring whoever you’re with. It shouldn’t feel like a chore satisfying your mate. And if it does? Its time to trade that sucker in or openly investigate the reasons why their enjoyment is no longer your priority.

No Judgment

Sex is a place of vulnerability for most. You're naked, mentally and physically. You’re divulging your wants, needs and insecurities for the purpose of release or love or even just unadulterated pleasure. If your mate wants to stick it in door number 2 and that’s not your thing...? don’t judge! Question why and if it’s something you're adamantly against, discuss it and come to an understanding without judgment. Be open regardless of the outcome. Knowledge is power! You may give a free pass or find a pleasurable alternative that you both didn’t expect. 

Embrace the good and bad

You should always have high expectations, but have them overall! Know that every time won’t be 50 shades of grey worthy and sometimes vanilla sex is just enough when the location is not as private or the time allotted is limited. Appreciate the experience for what it was, not for what it wasn’t.

Let the mood guide you

Don’t put pressure on yourself, your mate or even the opportunity! Embrace the mood for what it is. Let the mood guide how you both enjoy one another. You may not have to let your man in the bat cave LOL. Keeping stimulation in a second base territory may be playful and pleasurable enough for one night.

Switch it up!

Don’t be boring. Invest and do research to keep things fun and new to dodge a boring routine. There’s a whole bunch more fun in unpredictable pleasure. Change the scenery, budget in new lingerie on a seasonal basis, buy a toy or two and for the adventurous invite a new friend (if you’re about that life lol). Just be on the same page with your bedroom mate, communicate clearly and share the same moral playing field. 


Enjoy every minute

This one is so simple, but depending on the day and your mood it may be harder than you expect. Enjoy all your actions! It should never feel like a chore. Embrace each other’s flaws, gifts, spirits and intentions. Communicating your wants and desires regularly will make every minute enjoyable


I am no fucking sex guru by any means, but I have lived enough in my sexual life to give a few useful tips. To my fellow curvy women of the world, consider this my good karma lol. Apply these tips and be sure to enjoy the pleasurable collection of memories you’ll create along your sweaty journey.