5 Steps to the Best Bikini Shave

Yes Dolls, i'm giving you the best spring time gift ever! With intense research and serious attention to detail i have discovered the best way to achieve a satin smooth finish vajayjay if that's your flava ;-). So I used to wax the kittykat but it used to get insanely annoying after the first two weeks post wax. My body hair grows extremely slow and it would never be at a length to get it properly tamed by my waxologist lol. So it took many months and lots of experimentation but after committing to this method for about 8 weeks with great results i felt i'm in a position to share :-D.

Step 1: Shave with Baby Oil and Use a Razor with more than Two blades. Still trim your pelvic hair if its longer than a half inch but use the baby oil as you would shaving creme. Use a little bit of water to moisten the areas you will be shaving. The razor should be suitable to shave a mans face. So the cheaper the disposable razor, the more unpleasant the experience.

using baby oil instead of shaving creme or soapy water is the key to the satin smooth shave. I discovered this trick in an article i found featuring the opinions of two porn actresses that shared their secrets to keeping their coochies cute and purdy looking for productions. They divulged they shave but also use makeup like they would on their face to conceal blemishes and scarring. And i'm not into all THAT but I took the Baby Oil note and ran with it.

Step 2: As you shave, use a hand held mirror and prop one leg on a chair to guide you through this intense process.

Step 3: Use Carbolic soap to cleanse the cooch. Carbolic Soap is a west-indian red soap you generally can only source either online or at any local west-indian grocer. It has a strong smell, but it will make the dirtiest of things sparkling clean. Adding this to your cooch cleaning regiment will keep you away from un-wanted bumps post shave. So keep it fresh with carbolic soap! If carbolic soap isnt an option, use a bar of soap that is scentless, foamy and will give your vagina a squeaky clean feel.

Step 4: After cleansing your newly shaved vajajay, pat her dry with a clean towel and moisturize all shaved areas with a diaper rash creme of your choice (possibly high in zinc). This is another easy way to keep the bumpy hell far removed from your pelvic beautiscape. Make sure to rub the diaper rash creme into your skin as you would any body lotion to avoid unnecessary messy lingerie.

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 daily after your shower. This will keep the bumps, reddness and any other unflattering shit that happens as your pelvic hair grows in from happening lol. I usually follow these two steps religiously for the first week and then keep to every other day during the second week as a preventative strategy until I'm ready to shave again.   

A voila! You have prettified you fabulous chooch!