Dateology: Dating Disclosure

When you're dating more than one person the lines of lying and concealing can get foggy. If you have a date schedule that has  every other night for the next 3 weeks split up amongst 4 men? it can get sticky. But the question becomes, do you disclose your dating prowess to these 4 interested contenders? Yes, but in a favorable way that doesn't air out your business lol. Using phrases like "I'm actively dating" or "I'm not into monogamy right now" are key indicators to a man helping him understand that you are currently playing the field. Total transparency is NOT necessary!

To be frank... it totally kills the vibe. But depending on your dating activity, it might warrant a firm reminder from time to time to keep your dating karma in a good place and your conscience clear. For instance, this whole Charlie Sheen being HIV positive is really not all that shocking if you've been following his "Turn-Up" career for the past few years. But it was a firm reminder that when he ain't your husband (and in some cases even if he is) assume the worst. People do what they want regardless of the possible ramifications of their actions. We are naturally selfish creatures. The first set of goals for the day are not community goals and how you're going to make the world around you better (generally fuckin speaking) but rather how are you going to succeed as an individual for the better of your interests. So with the likes of Charlie Sheen type individuals crossing your dating path, although transparency isn't necessity being a realist might be.

So the biggest issue that kind of sways me away from dating multiple people at the same time is... if I'm having a sexual relationship with any or all of them. To be honest, that's not really my style. it's exhausting! I'm not afraid of judgement... it's the germs, the disease and weakening of my already weak immune system! Fuck all that noise. But I know I've met a fella or two that were promiscuous as fuck and the ones that were honest about their sex-doings I respected more. BUT the ones who were bullshitting me and had random gaping crater like mouth sores (they refused to acknowledge) never got passed just a firm hug and covering my dinner bills.    

So in short, I don't disclose EVERYTHANG to my dates. Primarily because I don't have much to hide...other than how crazy I am. :-D. But I rather keep my options open with discretion and a real life understanding that whether someone says it or not... when you're actively single and dating... expect the worst and pray for the best.