How to cope with Bad Sex

Everyone's had and it can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences you may have time to time... and I'm not talking about the clap LOL. Bad sex  is indeed an epidemic. Usually had with those who lack skill, chemistry or even the right setting. The vibe can sometimes be salvaged under even the worst circumstances but when it can't be...bad sex is indeed a momentary nuisance.

First things first, the sooner you own that the sex is bad the better remedies are left. If its with a bootycall or one night stand than you just prematurely know that you've racked up a sexual number in vain and you won't be calling this wack sex-ee ever again (unless they have a greater purpose). But if it's a one off, bad sex with your current boo thang, transparency is not always the best solution. So how do you cope? What do you do to cope with this bad sex?? 

Identify why it was bad. This is key to dodging bad sex or at the very least figure out how to rebound from it. Bad sex is absolutely subjective. Some of us orgasm during bad sex and some of us don't. Some of us want to run into the shower shortly after while others might want to run out the door. Whatever made it bad, identify why and take notes to better understand you sexual terms of pleasure.

Share with a trusted confidant. Disclosure is sometimes necessary. Use this not so swell experience to ignite a fun girls night in over wine and tales of displeasure. It's always therapeutic to get necessary feedback over a couple bottles of pinot. Take your friends advice, listen to their experiences and let the sharing process help you tackle bad sex with a few cackles in between.

Last but not least, make sure to ...keep it moving.  Don't let bad sex mess up your mojo! It wasn't you and sometimes it wasn't your partners fault either. Bad sex can sometimes be situational or just a clear sign that the chemistry isn't what you thought. So rather than harp on old unfavorable news, keep it fabulous and keep it moving. Or shit, get resourceful and head to the sex shop to find the perfect remedy ...a new toy for solo-dolo time! LOL