Mr. Vegan Rapper

Wow, when i really think about it...I've known Mr. Vegan Rapper 10 years plus. It was in the spring of 2004, and I was actively typing my opinion on a local forum/dating site called TDW aka TDot Wire. We connected after a few posts, then started private messaging each other. Those few private messages grew into night long conversations. He was smart, very fit, opinionated and extremely fringed. He had inner demon's he was dealing with, We actually talked for about a year before we met in the summer of 2005. There were a few gaps of us not speaking because he was really going through it. I was young and way more patient then, so meeting someone that I knew was facing so much adversity was not off-putting. 

We met at a park in the city he liked to work out at, close walking distance to my university. I had skipped out of class early and walked on foot to meet him. It was hot, I was late and he was totally cool. When we met it didn't feel awkward at all, the chemistry was there straight off the bat but the timing was all wrong. He was going through far too much to even consider looking in my direction "like that" and i was playing the field as a young bushy tailed bright eyed girl. But we found value in our friendship. So our meeting in the park ended up being a long, chill and memorable walk around the city. He was more than respectful and even shared his gifts of poetry with me.

He was a rapper, going through life struggles. But thankfully as the years stretched on and we both grew up... we always had a place for one another. It was a strictly platonic zone, that was usually situational. Yes, there was flirting and yes there were coy little eye exchanges but it wasn't until i moved into the city that things..developed. 4 years deep of hanging out seasonally, speaking sporadically but having enough of a conversation that we knew where we were both at emotionally, mentally and even physically. He was living out of the city ironically, driving a jaguar and starting a budding acting career. We were connecting on a daily basis and giving each other guidance on our goals. When we first met, he was just getting into vegetarianism and by the time i had moved into the city he was now this green eyed vegan lol. Fully dedicated and totally disciplined. He wouldn't judge me, but he would indeed remind me regularly that meat and dairy were evil lmao. He helped me understand why a young, fit, west-indian would change his whole lifestyle. But he was still him, very opinionated and sexy of course. After a few months of me being on my own and us having consistent communication for the first time in a long time the sparks start to fly. I in no way wanted a boyfriend, i was very comfy in my single skin. But we had an insane energy and chemistry between us that couldn't be avoided considering we were both happy and single. So one night we met up, had a drink and headed back to my place to do what we usually did...have long winded politically charged conversations, listen to some of his music and keep it platonic. But something was in the air that night, I looked extremely fab i must say and he most definitely noticed. I received consistent compliments and his body language was obvious... he wanted to have a different sort of chill time.

He plays me a song, that was extremely explicit from his iphone. Not to a point of offense but indeed notably explicit. In the track, that i still have until today...and it eventually was landed on hot 97. He describes the body, personality and intelligence of his ideal mate. Maybe i was feeling myself, but some of the things he mentioned felt like he was describing of course me being in a comfortable space with my old friend i ask who inspired the track. He laughs and then looks at me with a mischievous grin across his face... his deep voice shares well you of course. I start to laugh and i kinda clown him. I say with all the girls he's had in his general vicinity...i'm the one to make that sort of impression. And my comments spawn a whole discussion of chemistry and how it's been a challenge for him to behave all these years. The later it gets the more open we become and boom. It happens. I can't remember exactly how he made his move, but i know he made it and i was all for it. Our chemistry was insane. And although we were not in a monogamous situation with one another the sincere respect we had for one another was enough to make everything feel GREAT. He spent the night, went out for breakfast and came back to my place to chill in bed, It was insane to think all this happened the way it did. But we knew our friendship was worth so much more and inevitably i knew too much being his friend for all this time. Had we explored a real relationship with one another, it just wouldnt work. We were too much a like in a few ways and our friendship worked so much better. SO thats what we decided. To keep it friendly. And yes, there were a few rainy days spent at his apartment and again at mine..that even inspired a few tracks on his mixtapes. But even until today, the respect is very much still intact and i have no regrets about Mr. Vegan Rapper.