Plastic MAKES Perfect ?

Plastic makes perfect?

Plastic surgery is something that recently has been glorified really. How people define beauty and the drastic ways in which we try to adhere to these beauty norms. We all alter our physical appearance in various ways to different extremes. 

Yes, I am an enthusiast of hair extensions, lash extensions, make up and polarizing fashion styles that suit my mood but… that’s where it ends. Once upon a time, when I had too much time to idolize random body parts and attributes… I considered looking into getting man made dimples to frame my god given smile. I didn’t even get into the doctors consultation chair but I serious contemplated getting these desirable dimples to complete my “look” based on my ideology around beauty. I had mentioned it in passing to people friends and family, they thought I was fucking ridiculous lol. They couldn’t understand why something that has been defined as a muscle deficiency of the face could be so desirable to someone like me. It was thankfully a phase and I gracefully got over the fact I wasn’t blessed with dimples. But inevitably, I came to terms with it by understanding a few different things about my beauty norms.

Your beauty is defined by your thoughts not your physical form. ITS YOU that defines how you feel in that dress and what it means to own the room. Not other people. We as people feed off the energy of others, but just know your inner beauty will always be reflected on the outside. If you don't feel you are beautiful inside and you don't feel you are beautiful by your own standards will never be beautiful. I look at the popularity of people like Kylie Jenner and the following that has driven Dr. Miami to international popularity. Plastic surgery has been a remedy for altering your body to feel better about yourself, from the outside in. I'm not against plastic surgery, I think it can be an amazing asset to someone's goals. But when embarking on transitioning your physical form, it starts within first. Whether its the first 15 pounds or a long awaited nose job. Understanding your amazing with or without the esthetic is key to your growth.  Start to embrace your inner beauty first, because plastic does not make perfect.