Plus Sized Online Dating

Dating online is ambitious for most people. You set up a profile, post some flattering pictures, divulge a little bit about yourself and hope for the best. Site selection will dictate who and how you will be approached. General "non niched" dating websites are where most people start. Supposed comfort was found on sites like POF and Match. The new trend in online dating? using mobile apps like Tinder or Happn to find a fun mate within a certain radius of your day to day activities. I think this new wave of dating can be creepy but is an ideal way to scope out local cuties you pass on a regular basis.

As a curvy girl, it's no different if anything a little bit nerve racking. You post your profile with the hopes of finding (not necessarily a perfect match)  at the very least compatibility with a potential mate who has good intentions. Depending on the dating site or app, creating a profile and selecting a "body type" presents a dilemma. Yes, you are aware you are not skinny but selecting ONE word that you identify best with presents a challenge. You're options may be limited and the ones available may not be in-line with what you identify with. So what to do? Depending on the site... adapting might be in order. It seems like something so simple, but obviously women don't create these drop-down lists that are sometimes comparable to porn fetish options. It's all good though, you should never let these boundaries limit your options. This will only give your pictures all the more value. Yes, your profile pictures matter. To open up your options, you need to have fabulous profile pictures. As one of my fab girlfriends said, this "take me as I am" shit doesn't cut it when you're on the hunt for a new mister REGARDLESS of your size. Women in general need to be mindful of striking a balance between putting their best foot forward vs outright lying. In other words, look great in your pictures but not at the expense of NOT looking like you in the oh so real world. I've used full body pictures and of course the obligatory face shot, because fortunately for me I think I'm beautiful and so do the men that roll my way. So I put myself out there without much hesitation. The bottom line, whoever is willing to contact me must do so with a certain level of decency and effort. A simple "Hello" wont get my attention in this online shark tank, I'm not a desperate woman and NO ONE should be as they date online or otherwise. Establish your standards and be open to new experiences with individuals that do right in a dating world filled with far too many wrongs.