Ready, Set, BLOW!

Blow jobs. This is what this is all about. I’m not going to dance around and sashay my way into talking about them I rather just address them straight up and without fear.

Blow jobs are standard in a monogamous, committed relationship. Yes, they are.

Whoever told you otherwise is lying to you. There are many women that claim it’s nasty and they refuse to do it. Well, if you're one of those women…know that you should be prepared for the consequence. If you’re in a serious relationship that’s supposedly exclusive and you’re not giving your man a blow job? Know that someone else is. Yea, I said it…someone else is performing fellatio on your man. It may be some bored girl at his office who is sex deprived and has major daddy issues. It may even be the infamous porn star Sarah Jay hoovering him down in a fantasy during one of his questionably long and quiet bathroom visits *sideeye. Men are men. And if it’s a habit that feels great? It’s hard for them to shake. Men are creatures so invested in self gratification... that NYC has recently hosted Sex Toy company Octopussy’s very own “GuyFI” booth, encouraging public masturbation. If a guy could suck his own dick (without anyone knowing) he would. So just understand, behind the sweetest smile and most gentlemanly gestures of your man… lies a raw sexual animal that would do wonders with a blow job.   

My mother comes from a generation where things like “You’ll get mouth cancer!” were said to discourage fellatio. And even back in the day, a girl I knew was ostracized for her entire high school career for giving her boyfriend a blow job and his friends telling the entire school via MSN Messenger. A Slut you are not for pleasuring your boyfriend or even your Mr. Right now lol.

Sure, not all of us can give great ones. If you’re aware of your challenge, do what you would do in any other situation to better the outcome…Research and practice! Use Google and swap stories with your girlfriends or gay guy friends!  Pool all the tips, tricks and recommendations …consider who your mister is and try em’ out unannounced (so there’s no pressure). And even if you don’t like it, make it a once in a while thing to keep your dude on his toes. I don’t like cleaning the toilet but somebody has to keep it clean! Relationships require compromise and investing 10 minutes of your life for the sake of pleasuring your mate will go further than you realize. Just Sayin.