The Art of Cleavage

Boobies, tittays, chesticles, cheches, breasteses...whatever you want a call em we all got em. Cleavage of course is one of the benefits to having these milk inducing and sometimes silicone enhanced chest decorations. Both men and women, straight, gay and of course bi appreciate some fabulous cleavage. So with that comes the responsibility of understanding the power that comes with flaunting what ya got and holding them puppies down out of necessity. I am gratefully apart of the big tittay committee and I have realized you need to be mindful of them suckers in certain environments. Not so much for others, but primarily for your own sanity. I've been in awkward circumstances where a quick glance contributed to uncomfortable outcomes. looking my fabulous self usually includes putting my girls at attention, snatching my waist in the perfect dress and making sure I keep a fitted silhouette to flatter all the curves I've adorned for quite some time. It's for me. I keep it sexy and sassy because that's a big part of my esthetic. BUT I'm not trying to have every joker leer and jeer in the direction of my boobs, I'm not thirsty for attention. I've been in situations that were somewhat avoidable. I rather not have an ex boyfriends thirsty uncle constantly look deep into my cleavage at a family dinner or have a friends boyfriend make comments that warrant a kick... even if they're just in good fun. So I realize having amazing cleavage and not being a thirsty attention whore warrants revisiting when I put them puppies on display and when I tuck them away into a less distracting outfit to keep my piece of mind.

Flaunting your cleavage is an art and should be celebrated! the female form is beautiful and there is no need to hide it ...just finding the right presentation pieces is what it's all about. I'm shady as fuck, I've deliberately warn a deep v to get a freebie or two, in addition to a discount when I'm getting my car detailed. And on the flip side, I've tucked them in a loose yet flattering blouse so they weren't the center of attention during a business meeting. Understanding your beauty in its many forms is power! And there's nothing wrong with using your assets to achieve a certain outcome. Being mindful of your intentions before you decorate your beautiful The art of Cleavage.


Xoxo Ally