Unnecessary Things Men Do dating a Plus-Sized Girl

It’s funny to me… to think men actually do these annoying things out of habit and with the best intentions. In my dating I’ve experienced these things. My responses? usually have been influenced by the amount of liquor ingested, the tone in which it was said and the mood I was in at the time. Men dating plus sized women tend to do these annoying things and these are just a simple few I feel inclined to rant about.

Back Handed Compliments. “You have such a pretty face!” I know this, but so are ALL the other parts of me! If you want to reaffirm how beautiful you think I am “You’re beautiful” will suffice. “You’re one of the most stunning curvy girls I’ve ever dated!” Why not remove the “curvy girl” from the compliment, otherwise its limited and somewhat backhanded. Although I embrace my curves and totally embrace my curvy woman exterior and identity...I’m not just limited to my curves!

Constant reminder of your curves. Yes, my curves are fucking amazing. Otherwise, why else would you be salivating during this date? lol. But objectification is not flattering. Constant reference to them can be borderline creepy and is a one way ticket to a no-fly vajajay zone. Appreciate the female form and express your gratefulness for it in an elegant way. Keep your truck stop washroom innuendo for hanging with your boys not on a first date.  

Inappropriate descriptive word use. Using words like massive, huge and big may be accurate but not necessary when referring to specific body parts that your curvy date possesses.  I for one have had enough of men thinking because I’m curvy it’s okay to refer to my breasts as massive, huge or any other descriptive word that is remotely similar. Men, stop this. STOP this or your dick will be cursed for all the bad karma that comes from treating any woman like this. Yes, I am proud of my cleavage and from time to time I want you to admire it and appreciate it but not abuse it by acknowledging it in this way.

Not so subtle questions. Regardless of the intentions, asking what I weigh is not information most woman want to EVER divulge. I get maybe you want to up your gym program to accommodate a potential insanely memorable romp in the sack or an unsuspecting dirty dancing moment in the middle of the club but…no. Asking not so subtle questions like this will do nothing but put you at the receiving end of a whole bunch of side eye and limited to extended periods of private wrist exercise.

Those that are new to dating curvy women or always wanted to or even those that are seasoned admirers…for the love of sex STOP DOING THESE THINGS! No matter how much we may giggle them off or side-eye you, these things are a sure way to dry up a curvy girl’s interest and her vajajay. So stop the fuckery. Treat all women that you date with respect and make them feel beautiful without putting them into any categories. If you are only with them because of the categories they fit into, then you got a fetish not a preference. With all your ladies curves, she’s so much more than just that part of her identity. SO do your best to stay in her good graces by complimenting her for her, not the categories you fit her into.