The Misconceptions about My Plus-sized Dating Life

Being a plus sized woman is amazing. I adore my curves and I strut without apology. Regardless of the environment, I am always a lady who knows her worth and won’t deviate from my life philosophies to make ANYONE feel more comfy in their not so comfy skin.

My dating life has been filled with stories worth sharing and that’s what brought me here. But some people, for whatever reason, have bizarre preconceived notions about being single and plus sized. And by people, I mean people that aren’t …plus-sized, happily plump or those that don’t own a big ol’ rump.

My beautiful bodacious ass is not desperate. I have standards just like any other bad mama-jama out here in this crazy dating scene. I won’t kiss you just ‘cause you bought me a drink and you won’t catch a whiff of my vagina just because you’re cute. Fuck that. I know my worth and people tend to think us beautiful plus sized dames don’t. WRONG. We fuckin do.

I am an exceptionally desirable form of female beauty and my dating life has taught me that. There is no shortage of men - regardless of colour, age, ethnicity, religion, profession and/or income that find my big ol’ “non conformist” ass beautiful, desirable and have wanted me off the market. I’ve been treated like a princess, but never have I ever felt like a pariah because of my god given curves.  

I’m no one’s secret, if anything you just might be mine lol. I’ve heard of these stories, men dating plus-sized women secretly and putting parameters around “who” knows about them and “where” they spend time together. No and NO. No one should put up with that and I don’t. This has NEVER been my experience unless it was on my terms. And by that, I mean if a dude was just a bootycall and even then – he would under no circumstances treat me as a secret.   I’m much too fabulous for that fuckery.

To all my girls who are fabulously single and looking... Don’t forget your worth. I’ve always been confident but it has taken time to come into my own and understand why. The why? Stems from knowing what I bring to the table and making sure any man that’s worth my time over-stands all of the above. Yes, I understand my shit does in fact stink and my track record isn’t perfect. I’ve embraced all the different things I’ve been to different people and own all my shit. I’m very self aware. But just know, I value myself and have no qualms ensuring those who need to know …don’t forget I’m single by choice, beautiful always and fabulous by nature.

xoxo Ally