My Curvy Rant: So excited :-D

i've always been someone fairly comfortable in my skin. Yes, I've had moments where I just wanted to sleep in bed all day but that had nothing to do with my weight. In my dating life as you will learn with every experience I share, you'll notice my voluptuous womanly body has never gotten in the way of me feeling beautiful or desired. My relationship hang ups have nothing to do with my plus size identity. I feel like, I wanted to divulge and take this totally unnerving journey to share all these crazy give my sisterhood of fabulous women something worth reading. I am not a relationship expert at all. But I've always been a firm believer that the energy you emit you will indeed recieve. And with this blog, I have nothing but good intentions. For those of you that have yet to meet me, people in my day to day life say I exude this confidence and I own a room without an ounce of negativity. That's true most days...and most places except when I'm driving. I become an absolute demon 😈😯. So if I can show curves have never been a hindrance to my outlook on love, life and laughter...and spark interesting discussions about just that? I'm forever grateful and beyond excited to facilitate this safe platform and discussion. 

Xoxox  Ally