It’s surreal to me when women, especially beautiful women don’t own their beauty fully. What I mean by that is…you are amazing all the time. You’re amazing with the bags under your eyes from working hard. Your beauty is effortless when your hair is dishevelled and unruly on the worst days. Whether your body is decorated in a ball gown, basketball shorts or scars acquired from life…you are indeed a queen. Embrace that and don’t let anyone take that from you.

Know that there are no limitations to beauty. Period. Being a plus sized girl who is not afraid to say I’m beautiful on any given day took work. It took time to really understand that being self aware and investing in self love is nothing but normal. It’s okay to think your shit doesn’t stink when it comes to loving yourself. But loving yourself isn’t where it should stop, funny enough its where it should start. Then its your job to be empowered enough to embrace and appreciate the diverse pool of beauty that surrounds you…both inside and out.

Who said only a size 2 is allowed to wear a bikini? Who said only hourglass shaped women should wear bodycons? When did it become okay to not have self worth? Why do we limit our potential by inflating toxic egocentricity?

Life is a journey. You are bound to change and grow on various levels. It may be a physical transition. You may have been two people. Once young, slightly slimmer and somewhat naive. Then transition into a totally dysfunctional, loud and unapologetic creature that was never accountable. And maybe even now… the most boring, predictable and yet plumpest you. Regardless of where you were and where you are …know that you’ve always been amazing. You’ve always been a bad bitch. No matter how your weight, wardrobe or Friday night antics have changed…you’re most definitely a #badbitchatanysize in life. The size of your heart, your bank account, your ass, your ego does not dictate how or when you were in fact the best you. You have always been the best you, regardless of where you were on your journey. Love that, own that and revel in your self love more often …. No matter how scary it may be.