Glam Glow’s Glowstarter

If you’re a badbish who loves to glow, radiate, shine, showstop, stage steal… you should definitely try to work Glam Glow’s Illuminating daily lotion Glowstarter into your life. It’s crazy but, I’m getting ready for my second annual “get away with just me” trip and I’ll be going somewhere hot and humid as fuck. Of course I want to look amazing, of course I want to just be a radiant goddess… but I figure I need to create an easy but effectively fabulous beauty routine for my Caribbean “me” time. One that doesn’t include crazy heavy makeup that literally will just roll off my goddamn face into my cleavage or all over a new pals fresh white t-shirt (I’ve never been a girl to leave evidence…cha).

But I digress… Glam Glow’s Glow starter is a great option for ladies who …like to change up their look. You like to go from Drag show/Stripper Chic and then on your low key days like to look as dewy-carefree-beautiful as miss JLO from the block.

How I’ve been using it so far? I apply it as my base. I use it as my face lotion daily and when I want to glam it up a little bit I apply my go to concealer (to cover up the dark circles that ive acquired over various sleepless nights) and then if I feel like adding lashes and filling in my eyebrows? I do. And its been more than enough. I’ve also used it kind of like a primer underneath my Nars Tinted moisturizer or Becca liquid matte full coverage foundation.

I’m single and dating so this regiment won’t just be one used while on vacay in the tropics…this is great for low key date nights with the right company. Because Real talk, grown Men? appreciate women in their most natural state. So Glam Glow’s Glowstarter is an amazing addition to heightening your sexy radiant natural beauty.