Plus Sized and Sexy in NYC

My singlehood has been sprinkled with some memorable characters and some absolutely ridiculous moments. New York City in dating I’d say … provides some of the most unique experiences… on the great end and on the horrible end of things. The approach of all NYC guys cant be lumped into a few words because the pool of men you come across…(well that I’VE come across) is so diverse it would be unfair to do that. But I will say this, east coast guys share two common traits … they love to hunt and passive aggression ain’t their style. Whether you like it or not, guys in NYC are extremely vocal … just the delivery is different (depending on the fella). Just know that regardless of their ethnicity or socioeconomic background… they're not scared to pursue a woman.

Now, as a beautiful curvy woman who doesn’t live in any of the boroughs… walking or dancing through the social scenes of NYC may grab the attention of more than a few. My confidence, approachability carries my beauty so in NYC dating was fun. Having dated the “former stripper now baby father to 29763964924 children” type to the “Buddhist NYC Rookie cop”… I think my opinion counts.

I never felt undesirable when I was out and about in the city… I think where you go and who you’re with will dictate “who” and “how” you’re approached by men in NYC. Some key things to note are NYC is a mecca for the bullshit train. When you’re not from the city, It’s hard to know whether or not you’ve jumped on it. I think in any highly populated city theres a higher probability of encountering fuckery. In other words, don’t be shocked if the most put together dude is full of the most shit. And by "full of shit" I mean… the lying/lack of disclosure can get unreal. But I guess that happens everywhere.

Chivalry? Meh. I think guys in NYC aren’t the most chivalrous (overall)…but they’re not horrible. They’ll pay for the date, some even will open the door and buy you a drink without expectation… but there are a high population of fuck boys perpetrating as men in that city.

Aesthetically pleasing?   Abso-fucking-lutely. There’s this air of confidence they have, combined with the subtle yet smooth accent …that can leave you so wrapped around their finger your Spanx will be riding all the way up your ass. NYC fellas possess a swagger that a lot of outsiders desperately try to emulate. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…but I’m so glad I never entertained those sociopathic assholes pretending to be from NYC that were actually from a borough in the east end of Toronto. CHA

This Toronto girl will probably date again in NYC... if the opportunity presents itself. Every time I visit there’s usually an opportunity. So curvy ladies don’t be scurred of New York City men… just strut your stuff and be prepared to maneuver through an interesting experience with these not so subtle men.