My truth about long distance relationships

For me? They don’t work. At all. In relationships, I’m an undercover crazy bitch with unsuspecting demands. I want my mister to be within my immediate reach for selfish reasons of course. You can have phone sex, have skype dates and send each out pictures only oh so many times before it becomes boring. But Yes, I have entertained a couple, inevitably they never worked out. I’m much too impulsive to invest in a relationship like that... with someone who isn’t my husband. I’ve met the fun loving dread locked local while on vacation, entertained the sexy Tom Brady looking pilot and even encouraged an ex to experience multiple months spent abroad internationally.

The Pilot, who is based in Toronto but literally stays abroad longer than in his very comfy condo was potential. Unfortunately, it takes a certain type of woman to entertain a schedule like his for the long haul. It didn’t work because when we met, we didn’t get enough time to know one another. So it ended before it started. Although we text obligatory well wishes at random even now, they’re in vain because I’m not about that life. Our schedules just don’t work.

The fun loving local, I met on vacation in the west inidies was not in search of his papers. He was very accommodating, chivalrous and even moved to my city by coincidence (so he says) on his own accord. But that situation couldn’t be more than fun, out of circumstance. When you’re unable to establish a solid enough bond due to limited time and crazy bitch trust issues? A long distance “relationship” with this type can only go so far. Although we’re now friends and the chemistry is still strong if encouraged …we both moved on. I have no regrets.

The ex that had a stint overseas funny enough is someone I’m now bonded to for life. Although we broke up while he was away, the distance (at the time) helped him sort out his feelings when it came to “us”. But inevitably, upon his return there were a few things we had yet to address before he left that only strained our trust issues with one another and the distance didn’t strengthen our bonds. It proved to be an added challenge to an already toxic and complicated relationship.

I won’t say never, because I have been swept off my feet by some amazing men who live their lives as nomads driven by business.   But… I will say it ain’t an easy pursuit investing in relationships that require a serious level of discipline… all in the name of love.

Xoxoxo Ally