Curvy Girls: Own your beauty. Take no fuckery.

People have a tendency to project their insecurities on you when it’s convenient for them. And it could be anyone… a coworker, an unhappy ex or even a stranger in passing. Knowing your worth and embracing your inner strength is a daily necessity.

Sometimes being vocal is necessary and other times it’s not. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered people… mostly women who have taken issue with how comfy I am in my skin. My job in life is not to walk on eggshells to appease the battered egos of those who can’t get past their own negativity. I’m a woman who will not apologize for my not so humble hips, generous chest and very feminine wardrobe. I emit happiness because I am fucking happy :-D. I'm not thirsty for anyones attention and I don’t need everyone to legitimize my decency. Fuck you if my curves make you feel uncomfortable.  To those that hate for the sake of hating…? Investing your energy in positivity it’s a better karmic return of investment. Life is far too short.

Being positive and projecting well wishes does not mean one should be a doormat. I’ve said this and many friends have come to learn this… I may be sweet as pie but try me? And a bitch you shall meet. But every so often there’s a miserable crusty “I hate myself, my life and every one must suffer around me” type of individual that crosses my path and warrants being addressed. A petty bitch is a petty bitch. If someone wants to judge you for who they think you are based on the little they think they know of you? You can’t control that even with your best foot forward.

My words of wisdom to all my lovely sisters who encounter those with foul intentions who try to fuck up your day with unnecessary and unwarranted negativity…? Own your beauty.  Take no fuckery. For me, this isn't challenging because my security is sincere and with that comes the gift of radiating confidence I’m forever grateful for. You don’t have to go to a place of ratchetry to acknowledge the petty betty’s of the world. Slapping a bitch isn’t always warranted or necessary. But just know...Presence is powerful enough to dismiss anyone not rooting for you.  So emit an air of “stay the fuck out of my way” with a hint of “I’m that bitch” and you’ll be surprised how quick an individual’s delivery softens. Own each room you're in and Own the skin you live in. 

Xoxo Ally