The Girl code ...does the shit exist?

For me, the girl code is something that has always been apart of my innate being. I've never been bothered or overly thirsty for men. Thankfully, I don't share the same taste as most of my friends and I had zero instances of competitive pursuit. But have I been faced with awkward exchanges in my peripheral or in my social circle? Absolutely. Some of the shit I've witnessed ... or engaged in briefly made me question... why the fuck was that even necessary?

So what exactly is this said "Girl Code". To me? The girl code can be defined as a circle of trust.  A reference point of what not to do. What to entertain, what to disclose and what to do. What the fuck does all that mean? What I'm referring to is the consideration of how any POTENTIAL romantic relationships YOU are considering to entertain impact your peripheral. Romantic Relationships can be classified as booty calls, friendships, potential hubbies, guys you are dating, etc. So why on earth would any of these romantical (I made this word u up, it sounds cute)  relationships potentially impact your social circle if disclosed? well, the key factor .... are any of these contenders you are entertaining in any way linked to anyone you care about? Are they a sibling, friends, confidant or at worst an ex of anyone in your social circle? Then this Girl Code shit should apply.

I've been lucky enough to have a broad range of relationships with women.... and I can honestly say half of my friends apply the girl code whereas the other half give zero fucks about it. I love a sexy bachelor .... but I avoid the pumpum "hand me downs" of relationships past when it comes to my friends. That shit isn't my style. I don't need to share past penis' with friends, its avoidable. The pond of affluent, desirable and attractive men is large enough (especially if your open to the diverse pool regardless of age, race and height). I'm a bad bitch, so I'm not pressed for dick... never have or never will be. But when I have been faced with the unforeseeable circumstance (sometimes) of meeting someone worth mounting or loving ... that impacts a valuable friendship I hold dear? I disclose and discuss. It's basic....although intentions are everything unfortunately perception is sometimes the reality of most. So to avoid fuckery to the 5th degree, I have those sometimes awkward but necessary conversations to avoid issue. Rather than my friend find out i'm on a date with her brother, boss, ex boyfriend or current fling.... I avoid the potentially foggy situation preemptively if I'm aware. I value my friends enough to give them that respect and extend that decency... with their feelings in mind.

But on the flip side, there are women I don't understand...that literally make it a sport to consciously cock block,  pursue or unnecessarily get involved with men that share a past and/or potential with their current friends. Why do some women behave this way? Why do some women opt to "get in the mix" when there are so many other options available? Well I think there are three reasons....

One, they're insecure as fuck and no matter who it is or what the reason... they need validation. Although there pursuits aren't malicious, it unnecessarily competitive and the possibility of who they might hurt with their behavior isn't a forethought.

Two, they're oblivious as fuck and unless a neighboring friend with a bit of understanding, awarenesss and sensitivity is around to knock em in the shoulder to keep them in check....they'll blindly pursue things they really shouldn't. 

And The Third reason, they channel their savagery to a horrible place. They are aware of their friends strong suits and short comings... and innately are competitive. If they've heard about the guy/girl of interest or just feel inclined to embarking on that territory ...they'll do so without hesitation with the "survival of the fittest" mentality. If they're truly devious, you wont know about it until it's too late to care or... they'll blatantly  rip opportunities right from the palm of your hands. And don't be surprised  if they try to remind you your friendship is stronger than that and you should stop being petty. 

Bottom line, although I do adhere to the Girl Code i'm also a firm believer when someone is truly into you ...they cannot be swayed or taken. But when it's frivolous and impulsive, yes it can be annoying if you have people around you constantly getting in the way of even your short term fun.  But sometimes it's a blessing in disguise. In stead of you acquiring that unforeseeable pelvic itch from a vacation fling, your narcissistic friend who chose to intercept walks away with that itch, annoying visit to the doctors office and 10 day prescription. :-D 

xoxo Ally