Recycling Bin Sex

The truth about Recycling Bin sex.

Dipping back into your pool of exes for merely sexual purposes. Yes, I indeed do this. Why? Why subject myself to possibly unnecessary drama and unwarranted fuckery? Because i personally like to keep my VPM (Vagina Penis Miles) as low as possible. It’s hard though! The older you get and the more single you remain, it’s a hard hard hard road lol. There is nothing wrong with having a one night stand or even investing in monogamous love that is forever. But I’m not in a serious relationship and goddamn I’m just not in the mood to brush away vagina cobwebs on a seasonal basis. But with that… comes the unfortunate pros and cons to this ish…

Pro: Openness.

Depending on your intentions, you are in a position to be 1000 percent honest about your relations. If he’s hitting the wrong spot, on the wrong angle and it just feels wrong as hell…? You don’t have to worry about egos and offence. You are encouraged to be straight the hell up! He ain’t your man! Lol tell him to change it up during the act! Direct him! You’re allowed to be vocal as hell and improve the situation. So keep it all the way real for orgasmic pleasure.

Con: Emotional distress.

This is something to note for all you lovelies that get nostalgic. If midway through sexually entertaining an ex …you seriously contemplate rekindling your love for them? Without any real discussion? Shit can get awkward real quick. We’re all human, although some of us are vacant and vapid enough to just have emotionless sex… most of us can’t. Being transparent as things grow or subside is the antidote to steering clear of rejection, confusion, unnecessary  games, etc.  

Pro: Familiarity.

Yes, this is an obvious one.  You’re familiar with their terrain. His physical, mental and emotional states do change but you have a full fledge experience from before to reference. Familiarity gives you a more confident foot forward. This is necessity for fun times otherwise it feels like dry ass mannequin sex…all sterile and boring. Embrace the fact that you’ve been there and done that.

Con:  Grade A Fuckery.

This is a factor if you both are a hot ass mess. If you’re both actively dating other people, not being real from the jump with your intentions or in a mental space that requires more “me” time than you are willing to admit…? This may encourage Grade A drama and/or FUCKERY. This for one is not my style, I’m not good at juggling dicks. It’s far too much work! To have to sit there and manage my sex schedule as if I’m running a medical clinic out of my vagina is far too exhausting. So if an ex has maneuvered his way back into my life and my flower like crevices…? To avoid the inevitable drama, I cut it off the moment he starts to give me boyfriend stress or the moment a viable suitor enters my life.


Pro: Comfort.

I experiment the most with someone who is in the “ex” category. Lol but on the flip side, I’ve had way more hairy legged sensual sweatcapades with an ex over the “potential hubby”. Being comfortable sexually with anyone you entertain should be the standard, but with an ex its most definitely an enjoyable expectation that takes the pressure of a situation that in theory should be sweaty but light lol.

Con: Time Wasted.  

Wack sex that does nothing for my ego, orgasmic count or undercover slutty mother persona? Why the fuck am I re-entertaining his ass? LOL my recycling bin is diverse and full enough *cough side-eye* that I don’t need to settle. And under NO circumstances will I take ANY type of disrespect, regardless of how casual we are. NO MANS PENIS IS PRETTY ENOUGH TO ENTERTAIN RUDE, DISMISSIVE, OBNOXIOUS behavior. The fuggouttahere! The mutual respect, chivalry, desire and decency needs to be there. Period.

Right now, entertaining my ex on this casual level has been nothing but a fun, sweaty, enjoyable sensual little secret I’ve kept from my social circle. Why? To avoid hearing the warranted “Bitch really!?!” commentary that disclosure may provoke. We’re doing way better without the labels, the sex has only gotten better and we’re way great as friends. Our company is filled with way more laughter than when we were uptight as “official”significant others. There’s an openness that comes from overcoming adversity with someone you have been vulnerable with. That’s where I’m at as I type this and my vagina aint sorry LOL

Xoxox Ally