Interracial dating as a Plus Size girl

Dating someone who is of a different ethnic or cultural background is always fun and yes comes with a few challenges. As a plus size girl, it’s no different.  Everyone must triumph the same barriers and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful parts of dating someone outside of your ethnic background or religious faith.

I’ve dated Asian, African, American, Middle-eastern, West-Indian and European guys. Aside from my past relationships resembling the United Nations, I realize men are men and regardless of how they’ve been conditioned…they love what they love. I remember being picked up by a Cambodian Cop for not smiling enough on the dance floor at New York City’s Pianos.  An English guy got my number midway through his bullshitty ‘I’m lost can you help me’ routine. And one of the most chivalrous Jamaican dues I’ve ever met showed me another side of my mothers birthplace when I was on vacation.  Men are motivated by the beauty that they themselves adore… even if you happen to epitomize everything their family doesn’t want. It’s a beautiful thing when you meet someone who doesn’t come from the same upbringing as you…you learn a lot about yourself and their experience within their culture. Being able to achieving a fun, sometimes sweaty and other times adventurous synergy with someone can be so enjoyable. You taste new foods, explore new beliefs and expand on your understanding of what makes you different and yet compatible.

Sometimes, the connection or the chemistry can’t make up for a few cross cultural misunderstandings. You both might be prone to doing or saying something that isn’t the norm of your new found amore. Either its something you learn to accept or something worth changing a little bit. Depending on the nature of your behaviors, you don’t want to change everything about who you are but in interracial relationships (like any other) you have to come to a healthy compromise. It's sometimes hard to do that without judgment, especially if dating someone who identifies with different cultural norms is all very new. But chemistry is chemistry and love is love. In my experience, I can honestly say there are some yummy bachelors from all ends of this earth who adore women with some ridiculously plump curves.