Beauty x Sexy x Dating

Just this passed weekend, I went to my good girlfriends Birthday BBQ. It was fun chill times and of course it was a blast. I met her amazing centred beautiful girlfriend Sofia. We were talking for a bit and literally just hit it off. In the midst of chit chatting she asked if I worked at mac o if I was a makeup artists because of my style and how I carried myself… without hesitation I told her no I wasn’t but “I’m just a bad bitch” Both her and my good girlfriend hugged me in between laughter that wasn’t at my expense but rather an “omg bitch yes you are!” filled with energy of encouragement and shock that I was so blunt. But I guess my asos jumpsuit might’ve been to blame. There’s something about having a combination of Nars glistening off your cheeks, a bit ofsweat, the right outfit and the constant positive attitude that can make any chick feel like a bad bitch. So of course, I realized after that memorable but obnoxious exchange I need to incorporate “that” into this blog.

For the last few months, since I had my face beat by an amazing self taught makeup artist earlier this spring (shout out instafam @makeuobymarthak) …a growing beauty and makeup obsession/hobby has become a huge budget and time consumer. I now have different Eyebrow shapers, have ensured my bare skin is as regal as my Anastasia Beverly Hills glowing contour. Being in a space where knowing your beauty and wanting to enhance that solely for you is extreme empowering. I love my natural state of face and so do the men that make time to obnoxiously stare at it. But heightening my glam goals ain’t a problem and I’m not at all ashamed. Sometimes being a vain bitch is necessary to the curvy girl lane. Yes! I said it! Putting on an out fit that makes you feel good is no different from putting on your sexiest matted pout or bronziest shade of illuminator. Do and wear whatever makes you smile because bitch you have one life and being happy keeps your intentions pure as fuck (insert passionate ghetto girl clap right here). Of course changing your energy will change your environment, who you pull into it… so on and so forth. The way you value your beauty can dictate how you own your sexy and most definitely will take over your dating experiences. So lovelies, make the necessary adjustments and find your necessary niche.

I’m going to start sharing some of my glam and fashion favorites, some amazing products and brands that have changed my mood, my energy and in other words my life. But of course it needs to be all relative to the discussion piece of my blog. My love life with my self and those that matter.  xoxoAlly