The Most Kissable Lip balm X First Aid Beauty Fab – Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

I love love love this lip balm! It’s been my go to for the entire summer. I’ve been using this as my base lip balm recently and It will be a mainstay moving forward. Lets be real. Summer times is filled with lusty, sweaty fun moments and sometimes you need to rehab them lips to keep them intact lol.

I was in desperate need of something new to keep my lips fab when they are at their barest. Being in a relationship and a mommy on the go…a good lip bomb is necessity to your everyday, especially during the summer. So I hoped on YouTube and scanned through Sephora’s reviews and voila that’s what encouraged my purchase :-D

What I love most about this product is the texture and richness of the lip balm. It’s generous and literally hugs your lips with moisture that’s not greasy. A great way to treat your lips after a good exfoliation with my home made sugar scrub (insert link)

What I love least about this lip balm is purely situational. I have an allergy to almond oil (usually provoked when in jested) and it has a smidgen of almond oil in it. I have yet to have an allergic reaction because I guess it has very little in? but I wish they would make one sans almond oil.

I bought it from Sephora of course but with a bit of research I’m sure if there are cheaper online vendors. At Sephora, it retails for about 20.00 CDN but to be honest, because it’s a great formula that’s amazing things for your lips…although I use it daily for the last 2 months there's is generous amount still in the little jar. whole bunch left. So even at that point, the .34 onces is worth it for 20 bucks.

xoxo Ally