My Love mosaic is epic.

Its funny how love has it’s way of molding the way you think, the way you love and the way you understand your relationships around you. I used to look at my experiences of love as phases or just as part of my past. I now realize the pain, the pleasure, the betrayal, the trust, the comfort, the unwitting discomfort are present in the now… whether we like it or not. Our love, present and past is a mosaic. The way you loved someone… never really leaves you. Like skin, sometimes certain experiences leave an everlasting glow or a scar that eventually fades …if you give it enough care. But all of these experiences in love are present in your now, so once you acknowledge them as being part of your journey for good? There’s so much power in being aware and open to that truth. You’re able to open your heart in ways most can’t or aren’t willing to.

For me, my love mosaic is epic. Its full of texture and shades that reflect all the emotions I’ve been lucky enough to share with people in this life. There are parts that have been traumatic, but there are pieces that stand alone so beautifully people still see reminisces of them in my laugh. Tears still stream down my face in my most vulnerable of moments… because that’s embedded in who I am, I’m an emotional woman and I used to think that was a weakness. Being emotional, being vulnerable, owning the various pieces of your journey as a puzzle or as a mosaic …there’s freedom in that. Once you accept all parts of the good and’s euphoric almost. I channel my experiences into places of love, sometimes lust and trust. I’ve taken the admiration, love and encouragement from my past…and made them a constant ….in my self love and how I love others, platonic or otherwise.

It’s a process owning your shit, even in love. It’s a gratifying space to truly know that having a unique experience in love can be so rewarding once you funnel it all into positivity.


Xoxo Ally