The unexpected Happy Ending.

I was on my vacation, the weather was perfect and I was feeling great so of course I wanted to treat my self to a massage. I made sure to book with a man because that’s always been my preference. I had been travelling alone but being the social butterfly that I am… made sure to make friends with a few amazing people. We were talking about some of the excursions and events we all had planned ….and that’s when I mention it. “I’m getting a massage on my birthday and straight up I hope the ending is a happy one”.

My new found girlfriends started busting out laughing and we jokingly started wondering if that was even an option at our resort. We inevitably came to the conclusion that, not so much. “Those type” of shenanigans wouldn’t be going down based on the political systems influence and the resort being rather conservative (due to it being owned by the countries military). I sighed with disappointment but it wasn’t really sincerely, if anything I was just being cheeky for the sake of fun convo.

Fast forward a couple days later, to the day after the debauchery that was my birthday. I woke up mad early, because even on vacation solo… that mommy mode switch is on. SO I woke up, showered, put my face mask on and legit made sure I didn’t look like a zombie. Threw on a sexy bikini courtesy of, with a skirt and pranced my not so lucid ass over to the resorts spa (that was on the other side of the grounds). As I jiggled my ass across the grounds, I kept running into staff and guests that were wishing me happy birthday. I wondered for a second “how the fuck did all these people know who I was…?”. Considering the night before was a blur and I was a bit sore…I just kept it moving and didn’t let my thoughts distract me from getting to my massage appointment on time.

I arrive and I’m greeted by some of the staff I met a couple days prior but now there’s a new addition. She’s crusty, just evil eyeing me like its part of her job description. The only reason I chose not to address it is because I didn’t actually have to engage with her directly. The bitch might’ve just been having a bad day and I would’ve been glad to make it worse if her glares transitioned into words. I’m greeted by my masseuse and disrupts the uncomfortable eye exchange going on between myself and the disgruntled Chiquita. His face wasn’t a stunner and wasn’t an Adonis sculpted out of clay but he was indeed fit and his hands look rather strong. To say the least I was pleased as I followed him down the windy corridor that was beaming white everywhere. As we passed this little courtyard I questioned where the fuck we were actually going. Before I could ask he abruptly stopped and opened the door guiding me in.  He said that I should undress and gave me a towel to cover myself.

I listen for once then obediently take off the little I was wearing and lay down on the massage table. I hear a knock and I okay him to come back in. My face is squeezed between the infamously awkward massage table face rest. I hear him rapidly pumping what seems like a large amount of massage oil into his palms. He vigorously rubs his hands to together and he starts. Like any other massage, it feels great. Not remotely sexual just extremely relaxing. He had extremely strong hands that were mindful to put enough pressure everywhere I needed it. My back was fucked up from all the floor twerking on my birthday so…he worked out quite a few knots from the night before. But as each knot loosened and the rum I drank that morning starts to kick in… so did his powerful fingers. I started flinching and squirming because this platonic soothing massage starts feeling a bit sensual now. My masseuse didn’t do anything different…. if anything my mood in a the massage gradually changed. He started to read between the lines and the body language seemed to subtly influence his hands. He grazed parts of my body to see how… receptive I’d be and then would move on to another area once he realized I wasn’t resistant.

He asked me to flip over and was sure he turned his back.  As I flipped over, I lowered the towel to midway down my chest. I guess you can say it was a bit inviting…. but really I just didn’t have enough towel. It was more of a choice between exposing my vagina vs my breasts. He turns around and starts massaging my shoulders and then he makes his move. He full out starts massaging my breasts. I didn’t feel remotely violated ….all I felt was aroused. My nipples could’ve cut open mail at that point and even still he was giving them an actual massage. So even though its obvious he’s crossed a boundary it wasn’t so overt what he was going to do next. He moved on to other parts of my body, his hands were still very strong but now a little bit more purposeful. His hands found themselves massaging my upper inner thighs and he was giving these intense strokes with every pull of my skin. He started to subtly graze the lips of my vagina every so often, in between his massage of each inner thigh. He assessed my body movements, my breathing and then just dove right in. He held the centre of my lower back as he wriggled and tenderly wrestled his fingers in between each naked fold. I started to get loud at which point he covered my mouth and started speaking Spanish. It was insane! I was literally being abducted by the orgasm he was giving me. As it ended, he kissed my forehead and my navel. Said I’m beautiful and asked that I say nothing about this. He firmly pressed his index fingers across his lips and I did the same with a simple “shh, no worries”.

My happy ending gave me a new experience that made me a little less judgmental of that world. Here I was single, desirable, extremely comfortable in my skin and redefining the stereotype of “who” opts for the rub and tug. I wasn’t the 50 year old unhappily married man squeezing this in during an extended lunch break … I am the polar opposite.

He gave me privacy to cloth myself again and this warm rush of empowerment washed over my entire being. It was so unexpected and I loved that feeling. I had absolutely no regrets. As I adjusted my skirt and put my Ray ban’s back on…. A broad smirk grew across my lips. But as I followed him down the hallway I was sure to wipe that smug ass smirk right off.  I paid for the massage, thanked him graciously, advised that I left his tip in the room and that was the start of my birthday lol. Happy Ending indeed.

Xoxo Ally