BODYPOSITIVITY: The Movement so Far

It’s been more than 7 months since I’ve actually started invested in learning, engaging and connecting with social media influencers in the curvy girl community. It was unnerving initially, because like any space filled with diverse and unique voices …it can get loud! And by loud, I mean overwhelming in good, great and distracting ways. The amazingly courageous, bold and fabulous women I’ve been lucky enough to meet have helped me understand there is indeed a spectrum when it comes to bodypositivity.

It’s crazy to me (but in the most beautiful way) to see women of different ethnicities, gender identities, shapes, ages express their views, regardless of circumstance and actually be heard. As the BP movement has grown from a dynamic few to hordes of amazing journeys being shared …we can acknowledge there is indeed a spectrum. Having met media darling Meredith Shaw, streetwear entrepreneur Sasha of Flaws of Couture, plus size model Jewelz Journey, Real housewives of Toronto star Roxy Earle and Founders of the Body Confidence Canada Awards Jill and Aisha I have learned the spectrum within the body positivity movement is a broad one. Some choose to collaborate with the status quo to help change ideas on a grand scale while others choose to break away from it completely, even if it makes their peripheral uncomfortable. It’s all necessary and all contributions are valuable AF.

Efforts like PS Mediahouse’s The Well event is an example of what we need to curate and support. The Well is a judgement free day dedicated to fabulous women. Attendees will get a chance to experience shopping, creative dining, Zumba, live music and meditation.

A Sensational group of speakers will be focused on encouraging attendees to nurture the relationship with themselves. Go to for more information.

We as a community of women invested in breaking barriers and reconstructing norms need to be mindful of our message. We must be sure to take every opportunity to consistently communicate, collaborate and celebrate our differences. Ego’s aside, Its invaluable to understand as Bodypositive allies, advocates and activists way more can get accomplished together.