Single Mother Life: When should I start dating?

Being a single mom hasn’t been easy and dating as a single mom can present its challenges. I appreciate that everyone's circumstance is soooooo different, mine (for sure) felt rather unique. As I went through a challenging time ending things with my ex while as a new mom …I realized I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last. Life isn’t perfect and sometimes the most challenging issues encourage the best parts of you to develop.

So when should you, as a single mom, start dating? When you acknowledge getting over your ex or the trauma associated with an old relationship …can be tough but necessary. When you you're willing to admit what you actually want out of your dating life. And finally, when you're willing to learn who you are as a woman who is now single and is also a mother. Regardless of how unnerving that may be, be prepared to feel empowered eventually. With that in mind, make sure to watch my latest YouTube clip below for my tips and hear a few things about my single mother dating experience.