One of the biggest misconceptions about being curvy, plump, fat, big, big boned, thick, plus sized… or whatever you identify with.... is this idea that my size dictates my limitations. It’s hilarious to me when I’ve been at the gym or in a fitness class …and an unfamiliar face chooses to judge my capability because of their preconceived ideas about what my size is capable of (according to them). Conditioning can be an absolute inconvenient bitch.

I love shattering the comfort zone of those who have their hang ups about big women and fitness. It’s amazing to see multiple jaws drop when you keep up in spin class or when you achieve a headstand in yoga class. Those unfamiliar with seeing women who look like you achieve these feats are suddenly uncomfortable. Suddenly, its unfair or “she had to be fit before she gained weight” ideology pops in their head to make them feel comfortable... because society says only a certain type of body can be active and excel in sports. FUCK THAT.

Rather than blame the dated pamphlets circa 1982, that haunted my childhood with Jane Fonda inspired bodies decorated across each page …I just do me. I fearlessly participate. My actions, my achievements with every trickle of sweat that rolls down my not so humble curves is an absolute fuck you to those dated representations of what it used to mean to be fit.

I’m fit. Once you commit your body to challenging itself to achieve a compelling experience you never thought you could… you just like those whose bodies are adorned with muscles are fit. Weight does not dictate my aspirations. Aesthetic don't dictate your strength. You are fit to succeed. You are fit to outweigh the opinions of those who don’t celebrate you. You are fit to redefine the misrepresentations of what it means to be healthy, active and courageous.

I used to be absolutely intimidated to try new activities in sports and fitness because I underestimated my body. To any curvy girl at this part of their journey…I’ll keep it simple and say this. Pursue your goals fearlessly and Know you deserve it. Go try it, go get it.  Let no one dictate your aspirations and never be intimidated to pursue new experiences. Love yourself and be fearless. Period.  

xoxo Ally