Happy Valentines Anniversary! xoxox

It’s officially been one whole entire year since I’ve been blogging! AHHHHH! It’s totally surreal to think time has flown so quickly and it almost feels empowering. Putting a good few experiences in my blog has been therapeutic and at times a bit unnerving.

It’s been a learning experience. Curvesarentmyproblem.com’s 1 year anniversary of my blog, I’m up for taking my stories, my voice, my truth to a new place… YOUTUBE! I figured it’s time to put a face and a tone to the experiences I’ve been willing to share. I cant wait to share all the other stories I have yet to blog about. Story times and collabs! Yaays!

I have a few goals to knock off my list this year for my blog. A key ingredient to my check list is collaboration, so I’ll be doing a whole bunch more of that and I can’t wait to share every step.

In the meantime, celebrate this amazing milestone with me and Watch, Subscribe, Share and Comment on my youtube channel!