Youtube So Far...

My Youtube Journey has officially started! Ahhhh! I’m so excited to share this amazing milestone with you guys. I look forward to wiggling even further outside of my comfort zone and sharing stories with you that push beyond what I’ve shared so far. Life has been colorful and I’m so grateful for the big plans I have for this year.

I’ve been grateful enough to have an amazing person in my corner and be collaborating with  IG @nekesphotography. They're responsible for helping mold my Youtube journey with both shooting and editing my content.

Youtube is a scary place but i'm fucking ready! I await connecting with youtubers on a crusade to change the way people think... with every piece of their journey they document and share. But I’m also not afraid of the savagery lurking around the corner that has plagued the infamous Trisha paytas and other youtubers a like.

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