Curvy Girl Guide to Body Waxing!

I wax. I thread. i'm an advocate for getting the necessary hairs tugged, moved and ripped out of place to ensure my skin is as supple and sexily smooth as it needs to be. Being curvy sometimes it can be unnerving going into a salon or spa for hair removal. Even with all my confidence, it still can be a bit nerve racking to strip down, spread eagle and invite a stranger into every crevice I have for the sake of a few whiskers being removed. 

I've been going to Angela's Beauty  in Toronto for years. They are one of the cheapest, cleanest and most professional hair removal quick spa's I've ever been to.  So as a curvy girl that totally appreciates what it means to want great service without the judgement... i thought it may be necessary to share this gem in addition to a few tips to get you through the sometimes uncomfortable waxing experience... 

Tip # 1 - Be date ready! 

What the fuck do I mean by that? Be at your best and strut into your appointment in something that makes you feel beautiful. Feel the most comfortable in your skin without hesitation.

Tip # 2 - Give Zero Fucks

You're there for an appointment. Being nice, courteous and friendly are a given anywhere you go but dont get consumed with what others may or may not think. At the end of the day, its their job to help you get your desired outcome not to judge you.

Tip # 3 - You're not the fucking first!

As amazing and as beautiful as your vagina, arm pits, leg or wherever may be...hello hunny that ain't the first one they've seen! Just remind yourself they've seen it all before and nothing is that shocking when they're not new to the game. 

Tip # 4 - let it all hang out! 

Throw all inhibitions and reservations out the door. Don't be afraid to ask questions or communicate with your beautician. They'll be sure to ask for your assistance so you get your desired out come and so they can get their work done. They may ask you to lift, pull, bend and stretch some areas that you've grown to love or hate. Either way, listen and relax're both on the same team! 


I've had nothing but good experiences when i get a wax. Because even before I went to Angela's Beauty, i would do a bunch of "word of mouth" research among friends and colleagues, have no shame or any reservations if I found a clean professional establishment invested in giving me what i want at a good price. So my curvy girls who have yet to find a spa that caters to their hair removal needs and had some reservations...hopefully my suggestions will help you out on your search. 

xoxo Ally