Know your Goddess

I say this from a place of growth and firm understanding that it is not easy being a woman who mothers, loves others and fully appreciates the worth of loving one’s self. It takes time and a ridiculous amount of patience to understand that in order to better understand your purpose without fear, to better live a life without hesitation requires a certain level of… being more than okay with "who” you are and a big bag of “I don’t give a fuck what most people think”.

I’ve realized the things I thought were scars have become reminders of my strength. The moments that require my tears are necessary to fully understand the journey in its entirety. The minutes I’ve spent laughing from the loudest and sincerest parts of my diaphragm are what make life worth living. Appreciating that with every experience comes a lesson that is invaluable to every decision after. There are no mistakes in this life and there are no regrets either.

Knowing your goddess starts from valuing yourself without remorse, apology or hesitation. Knowing that your beauty stems from your experiences, the way in which you love yourself, the way in which you adore others, the life you choose to live, the values you hold dear and the energy you push back into the world.

All parts of your character, every inch of your body, the strongest part of your integrity… contribute to knowing. I am forever grateful. Finding this part of myself in this part of my life and absolutely refusing to run from it. Knowing my goddess, understanding what it really truly means … is literally euphoric.

Xoxo Ally