When it’s BAD…

It’s inevitable, it happens and when it does it can be really disappointing. For me, for most millennials and generation x-ers … our sexual chemistry is a deal breaker. If the vibe ain’t there, if the chemistry isn’t in sync and if the sex is not mutually satisfactory… it may contribute to going your separate ways. That does not make me vapid or vane... that's just the way it is.

I think in some instances... it can be worked on. In those cases,  it requires honesty right up front or even in the midst of the fun. That may curve the bad vibe into something positive or it may just be downright awkward. “Don’t do that babe” or “Slap it now hun” “ouch! fuck! Babe no!” are some things that may fly out your mouth as you guide your bedmate in the right direction. But it requires understanding, it requires trust and requires patience... all things I rarely have with strangers.

It  isn't frivolous, if you're unable to come to that place of "wow, I must've shattered some ones china or soul next door" than that would insert some unnecessary issues of commitment in your companionship. Lets assume for the sake of my explanation that... everything about the person you're with is perfect (by your standards). The way they laugh, how they fuel their passions and even their debate style is endearing to you. If the sex is wack, if the chemistry is none-existent and you are a sexual person? you're bound to either stray (yes, masturbation behind their back - like a filthy secret...counts), leave or grow old and miserable as a troll would under a bridge. Bad sex with a great person presents a challenges that require honesty. Primarily with yourself and then the person. Unfortunately, for me sex is indeed a deal breaker...especially when it's bad.